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Echoes: A dark, MYSTERY, PUZZLE film

"the storytelling is greatly absorbing"

"The winning aspect of Echoes is its editing, which executes its non-linear timeline such that it is gripping without being confusing. Indeed, the storytelling is greatly absorbing."

Indie Shorts Mag Team
Indie Shorts Mag

"A movie that screams to be watched"

"Echoes" is the perfect example of an independent, low-budget film done right. A movie that screams to be watched... I would be lying if I said that 'Echoes' didn't vastly exceed my expectations..."


"dramatic and haunting"

"Echoes is a sinister journey... The narrative makes the audience act as a detective and pick up the pieces and attempt to put them together in order to solve the puzzle that the film creates."

Jason Knight
UK Film Review

"Looks stunning"

"Echoes is packed with some excellent cinematography and a fast, unique editing style that, mixed with the visual effects of Oliver "shifting," looks stunning at times... I can certainly say that I wanted this film to go on a little longer."

22 Indie Street Team
22 Indie Street
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