Behind the Soundtrack of Echoes

Caleb Allen Parker composed the music for Echoes before a single frame was ever shot or storyboarded. Director Anthony Kalmeta did shoot one concept video to show the tone of the film as reference, but the score was created primarily from the script itself. The score was therefore not based on the timing of a pre-made edit, as was the case with their previous collaboration on Overcast, but instead based on Caleb’s own timing which laid the foundation for the final edit. Everyone from the director of photography to the actors all listened to Caleb’s music on set, which informed the emotion of each scene while shooting. Additionally, the music is a non-traditional film score and works to flesh out character psychology that couldn’t be accomplished with standard dialogue. Below is a direct quote from Caleb about the creation of the Echoes soundtrack:

“This music was particularly interesting to write as we decided to use substantial temporal alterations (‘chopped and screwed’ in hip hop production colloquialism) and granular sonic artifacts to reflect the deteriorated memories that play out on screen. Rather than being music that accompanies the film, this score aims to be the sound of the psychology and the environment itself.”

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